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Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes

Manufacturer: Spanco

Combining durability with flexibility, SPANCO Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes provide a non-permanent solution that will grow with your production process.

Workstation cranes involve a load lifting system consisting of a hoist or other lifting accessory, which moves laterally on a bridge, which in turn moves longitudinally on a runway made of beams or tracks. Loads can be moved to any point within a rectangle formed by the bridge span and runway length. Workstation bridge cranes can be top running or underhung with single or double girder configurations. Workstation bridge cranes are typically designed for lighter capacity applications where lifting of loads up to two tons is needed.

Two additional types of bridge cranes include 1) Overhead and 2) Underhung bridge cranes.

  • Easily mount to a standard reinforced concrete floor instead of an overhead structure or existing crane.
  • Modify for installation needs or to accommodate growth.

SPANCO Freestanding Workstation Bridges are available in capacities ranging from 250 lbs. to 4,000 lbs. and overall bridge lengths up to 34 ft.


Seismic Zone 4
All standard SPANCO cranes have been certified for use in general Seismic Zone 4 locations per the Uniform Building Code.

• Applications where cranes will be used in potentially hazardous environments or explosive environments require special consideration. As per the Uniform Building Code, these special conditions must be disclosed prior to placing an order.

• Applications where cranes will be used in essential facilities like fire departments, military buildings, or communications buildings, or at locations closer than 15km to known seismic sources require special consideration. As per the Uniform Building Code, these special conditions must be disclosed prior to placing an order.

• Custom cranes (cranes modified over and above the standard dimensions or capacities shown within our standard SPANCO literature) may need modification to conform to Seismic 4 Uniform Building Code due to the customized and non-standard nature of these designs.

• If a custom engineered crane must conform to any seismic requirements, this condition must be requested before the crane is ordered, so the proper seismic engineering analysis can be performed during the custom design process.

• SPANCO's standard cranes have been engineered per UBC and ANSI MH27.2. If alternate methods of calculations are required, or different specifications are required other than listed in our sales literature, these alternate specifications need to be requested before the order is placed. Crane modifications may be required, at additional cost, to conform to specifications other than UBC and ANSI MH27.2.

When installed and maintained according to Spanco's Installation and Maintenance Manual, you may be assured of their safety and their ability to handle the rated capacity at the stated specification.
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Model No. Overall Bridge Length Capacity Range Price Ea. Qty
FWBC up to 34 ft. 250 to 4000 lbs Per Application
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